Elizabeth and Lipstick

I'm Elizabeth, a Minnesota girl who loves the seasons, her boyfriend, her puppy, watching football, iced vanilla lattes, carrot cake, and long walks down the makeup aisle. My love of beauty has been a lifetime in the making, and I don't foresee it dying anytime soon.

I grew up competitive dancing, which introduced me to makeup at a very early age. I learned how to apply my own falsies at the age of 10, could smoke out my eye shadow at 8, started my makeup collection at age 5, and rocked the bright red lips since 3. It's safe to say that's what sparked this undying love of makeup and beauty.

This continued throughout high school and into my college years when I began cheering for the NFL. Heavy glam entered back into my life, and I loved it even more - the spray tans, the false lashes, big hair, smokey eyes, and statement lips. I was in heaven... and learned a lot of the techniques, tips and tricks that I am still using today.

About a year or so after being done with cheering, I really got into the online beauty world - following tons of YouTubers, makeup artists, blogs, vlogs, social media accounts, you name it! And here I am now, with 24 years of inspiration and my very own beauty blog to share my passions, techniques, favorites, tips, tricks, suggestions, reviews and recommendations with all my other beauty-loving girls out there. Thank you for being a part of my journey!